Ten Winter Nail Art Trends That 2023 Will See A Major Uptick

Consider the styles that manicurist Jin Soon Choi and her crew created for the fall 2023 Michael Kors and Brandon Maxwell shows.

Cherry Coke

"Aura nails looked amazing throughout the summer, but they also look amazing with [darker] wintery hues," Ms Pop explains.

Cloud Aura

Give them matching nail art when your middle finger says "Speak Now" and your pointer finger feels "Fearless."


While it's not advised to wash dishes while painting your nails, this manicure will make you appreciate sudsy soap much more. 


Attach the clear artificial nail tips. That is all. That's how it looks! "The art is showcasing extensions rather than trying to hide them," explains Miss Pop. 

Long and Clear

Goth glam is here to stay. According to Choi, black nails exude an easily elegant and sleek vibe. She recommends round or squoval nails.

Jet Black

French tips, whether big or small, are here to stay. Not a steady hand? Not an issue. Check out Kiss Nails, as seen at The Blonds spring 2024 performance. 

Metallic French

Since 2022, [Hailey Bieber's popular nude-chrome manicure] has gained popularity, and these days, you can get the look at home using polishes that mimic the look.


Even while we adore a rhinestone-studded manicure, the diamonds eventually become stuck in your hair. alternatively, (We've been there) loofah. 

3D Gel

The additional length makes the ideal canvas for an ombre design, as Choi notes that you need enough of room to get a significant impact.


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