Test Your IQ with This Optical Illusion: In just five seconds, just 5% of people can identify the turtle concealed in the bedroom picture!

An optical illusion is a mind-bending, intensely captivating, shape-shifting image of an item, painting, or people that tests the brain's ability to perceive reality.

Use it to test your IQ. You have probably witnessed a wide variety of optical illusions, including cognitive, physiological, and physical illusions.

According to studies, visual illusions are another area of psychoanalysis that sheds information on perception. 

Optical illusion IQ check: Optical illusions are commonly thoughts-bending and shape-transferring photos of an object, a drawing, or someone that venture the brain’s manner of perceiving things.

A typical human brain is capable of seeing objects or pictures from several perspectives, creating a unique perception for each.  One such ingenious depiction is the picture of the turtle that is concealed someplace inside the bedroom.

A picture puzzle with the image above has been posted for both adults and children. This illusion shows you a bedroom, and somewhere in there is a turtle hiding. 

The "Find the Turtle" illusion asks viewers to locate the turtle that is concealed inside the image.

It's been said that just 5 percent of individuals are able to identify the hidden Turtle in this picture.

This is just another entertaining method to test your IQ: an optical illusion picture. On the other hand, determining your IQ level is best done with an actual IQ test.

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