‘Thanksgiving’ Ending Explained: Who Is Behind the John Carver Mask?

Thanksgiving is a gory and twisted slasher movie from Eli Roth that takes area in Plymouth, Massachusetts after a Black Friday rebellion turns deadly. 

The movie follows Jessica, who is centered with the aid of a mysterious determine named John Carver for her family's position within the bloodbath.  

As Carver choices off individuals of the network, it will become a whodunit thriller to uncover his motives. 

The wonder twist finishing exhibits Sheriff Newlon as the proper killer, in search of revenge for the dying of Mitch's spouse, whom he became having an affair with. 

The film sets up the possibility of a sequel with Jessica's nightmare and the unresolved fate of Newlon. 

Ever since the idea changed into first teased as a fake trailer in Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse, fans of Eli Roth have been looking ahead to his new vacation-centric slasher movie Thanksgiving. 

whilst there are more than a few horror movies set during Halloween and xmas, the united states’s countrywide Turkey Day hasn't been as rife for a scary movie accomplice.  

primarily based at the sparkling response from critics, it seems that Roth may also have simply created a new Thanksgiving conventional  

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