The 2023 Final Eras Tour Kicks Off with Taylor Swift's "Say Don't Go" and "It's Time to Go" 

Taylor Swift prepared a themed set of unexpected songs for her 2023 farewell tour, the Eras Tour.The audience in São Paulo, Brazil,  

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yelled "Reputation" aloud during Swift's acoustic performance on Sunday, Nov. 26, but she did not play any surprise songs from the album.

Rather, at Swift's Sunday night performance at Allianz Parque stadium—the 13th international stop on The Eras Tour  ,

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Swift and Diane Warren co-wrote the poignant ballad "Say Don't Go," which she performed live on guitar. 

It was recently made available as a vault track on 1989 (Taylor's Version) in October. 

Next up was the piano performance of "It's Time to Go," a song co-written with Aaron Dessner that can be found on the deluxe edition of 2020's Evermore.

On The Eras Tour, Swift has been attempting to avoid repeating her two surprise songs every night.

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