The 9 strongest-biting dog breeds

When doing research on dog breeds, it's critical to keep in mind the variables that lead to incidents of biting, such as antisocial behaviour displayed by negligent owners who teach their dogs to be aggressive. 

Sarah-Jane White states, "The German Shepherd is a breed that is well-known for its strength and intelligence.

1. German Shepherd

According to Sarah-Jane, "the bulldog is a strong breed of dog with a very powerful bite.

2. American Bulldog

"The Rottweiler is a strong canine breed renowned for its intelligence and strength. 

3. Rottweiler

"The strength and determination of the American Pit Bull Terrier breed is well-known.

4. American Pit Bull Terrier

Another large breed of dog that is well-known for its strength and power is the mastiff. 

5. Mastiff

Sarah-Jane goes on, "One breed that is renowned for its strength and power is the Cane Corso. 

6. Cane Corso

"The Turkish dog breed known as the Kangal Shepherd is distinguished by its enormous stature and remarkable strength. 

7. Turkish Kangal

Petkeen claims that Dutch Shepherds almost went extinct during World War Two and are now frequently utilised by law enforcement worldwide.

8. Dutch Shepherd

Due to the Dangerous Dogs Act, this large breed is currently prohibited in the UK. It is renowned for its protective and strong nature.

9. Tosa Inu

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