The Best Flowering Vines to Add Vertical Color to Your Yard and Garden

Consider utilizing blooming vines to provide some color and texture, as well as some seclusion and screening, to any neglected areas of your garden.

 There are lots of choices to think about. Every USDA Hardiness Zone has vines available, so you can choose from annual or perennial options (find yours here).

Hummingbirds are drawn to this stunning annual that climbs quickly! It looks great in full sun on a trellis or arbor with beautiful tubular flowers that are red, pink, or apricot in color with fluffy leaves. 

Cypress Vine 

Sweet peas range in color from white to pale pink to salmon to blue and have a nice, gentle aroma. Since they dislike extremely hot temperatures, thus many of them fade by summer, plant them from seed in the spring. 


As they open in the early morning light, morning glories live up to their name. From seed, they grow swiftly. If you wish to prevent the dried seeds from self-sowing the following year, remove them after they bloom. 

Morning Glory 

Do you need to cover up an unattractive wall? Virginia creeper is a gorgeous crimson fall vine that grows quickly. It's a wonderful option for trouble spots because it doesn't care what kind of soil you use. 

Virginia Creeper 

Similar in appearance to climbing hydrangea, this vine actually is a different plant altogether! The brachts (petals) are single and come in pink or white, whereas climbing hydrangeas only come in white. 

False Hydrangea Vine 

The creamy white blossoms on this delicate-looking perennial vine have the most amazing sweet aroma! It takes a few years to get going, but it looks amazing on a wall, fence, or arbor. It likes the sun to be fully shining. 

Star Jasmine 

Most gardeners don't know about this exotic-looking vine, but they should! Hummingbirds adore it, and it withstands heat and drought well! In most areas, it is regarded as an annual, but in warmer parts of the nation, it might persist as a perennial. 

Firecracker Vine 

All summer long, this shade-lover has creamy white blossoms. It needs something strong to lean against or climb because its vines are very heavy. It takes years to establish, so have patience as it grows very slowly. 

Climbing Hydrangea 

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