The  Best Fragrances, According to Your Zodiac Sign

What about fragrance preferences? We already know the perfect house for each sign of the zodiac and the best healing crystal for your sign.

Some people respond well to certain scents while others completely disagree. Scents can be very mysterious. 

We reasoned that it would be fitting to award our preferred scents the status of celebrities.

We started by asking seasoned beauty editor Gabby Shacknai to explain scent families and the ideal products for each. Then, using her understanding of the zodiac and its elements—earth, fire, water,

and air—Arizona-based astrologer Molly Cardinal matched each scent to its proper partner in the stars.

Continue reading to learn how to choose a perfume according to your zodiac sign. Choose your signature fragrance, then don it with pride!

The fire sign Aries is the first in the zodiac. Cardinal says, "Aries make a fiery statement and will enjoy these spicy fragrances that make a powerful impact."

These fiery notes, which are bold, ambitious, and competitive, go great with the Aries people on your gift list.

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