The Best Horror Movies of 2023 (So Far)

The year 2023 has proven to be an eclectic, strange, nasty, and downright spectacular one for horror. Allison Williams 

was terrorized by a lifelike evil AI doll in M3GAN after being terrorized by Lena Dunham. Infinity Pool, which opened at Sundance

saw Mia Goth return to form as her customary insane figure. Surprising hits were released by streamers.

Most notably, Shudder with Skinamarink had everyone reliving childhood nightmares. Scream VI, perhaps the most anticipated horror film of the year, 

 abandoned Woodsboro and Sidney Prescott for the bright lights of New York City. Not to mention Danny Philippou 

and Michael Philippou's fantastic and horrifying directorial debut with Talk to Me.

And who would have guessed Eli Roth would be the one to give us a Thanksgiving horror film worth seeing again and again? We'd say horror is back, baby,

but the last few years have been fertile ground for diverse, high-quality horror. This year is a significant continuation of that trend. So far, these are the finest horror films of 2023.

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