The Big Bang Theory TV Spinoff: Confirmation, Chuck Lorre Involvement & Everything We Know

A new spinoff for The Big Bang Theory is presently in the works at Warner Bros., and while much of the story, 

the release date information is being kept under wraps, the creators have released a few tidbits about the program.

Shows like The Big Bang Theory, as proved by the existing prequel Young Sheldon, are essentially the perfect formula for spinoff ventures,

 with their diverse array of characters that people will always want to learn more about, whether in the future or the past. 

Although it is unknown who the protagonist of this new spinoff will be, there are numerous alternatives from the original program that may be fantastic.

 Young Sheldon was the first Big Bang Theory spinoff, and it was a big success both critically and economically.

The sitcom follows a younger version of Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory as he navigates adolescence and learns to find his place in a world that is frequently unwilling to embrace him

Despite having a very different tone than the original sitcom, the show received high ratings and did a fantastic job of expanding on this character's backstory. 

The Big Bang Theory spinoff will most likely be able to do the same for another character. Chuck Lorre, creator of Big Bang Theory, has addressed his prior claims about a new show. 

 A spinoff was earlier announced at Max, however it appears that the reports were premature. 

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