The candor with which Megan Thee Stallion about her mental health in her "I can crack" speech.

Megan Thee Stallion is setting an example for everyone with her reminder that it's normal to feel down sometimes. 

The Grammy-winning rapper, 28, released a new video on Tuesday in collaboration with the mental health awareness organisation Seize t 

the Awkward to encourage anyone who are struggling with mental health to reach out to their friends for help. 

Everyone tells me I need to be tough. Stiff upper lip, thick skin. Very sturdy; as hardy as a nail. Megan began her movie in an ordinary setting— 

sitting in a chair and snapping a rubber band—but she ended it on some encouraging words. 

The Sweetest Pie artist says, "But to be everything for everybody... it wears on you." They always say black people don't crack, 

And I'm here to tell you that it's not true. In any case, it is possible. I can. Each of us can." 

While staring into the cameras, the rapper continued her message by saying, "Y'all, it's OK to not be OK.  

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