The criticism of Blue Ivy's performance on the Renaissance Tour inspired her to work even harder in her training.

It seems that Blue Ivy Carter was most inspired by her detractors while on the Renaissance Tour.

It was disclosed during Beyoncé's Renaissance: A Film global premiere how the 11-year-old's numerous appearances on her mother's tour came to be. Beyoncé initially expressed reluctance to have Blue perform with her on stage, saying in the movie,

"She told me she was ready to perform, and I told her no," but in the end, Beyoncé gave in and allowed Blue to accompany her on the song "My Power" in Paris. 

Blue's grandma Tina Knowles-Lawson, who posted video of Blue's debut performance on Instagram, claims that she had just "a little over a week" to prepare for the event. Nevertheless,

that didn't stop her "lacklustre" dancing techniques from being criticised online. When one of Carter's friends showed her the critical remarks on social media after the first performance, she chose to practise even more instead of giving up. 

It seems that Beyoncé was "thrilled" by her daughter's choice to "put in the effort" and allow her to sing at upcoming events.

And it was all worthwhile. Take a look at this video, which documents Carter's journey:

Since her first performance, Knowles-Lawson said in July to People that Blue's self-assurance has "soared to the sky." "She is 11 years old, and she had one week to prepare, and she's only getting better and better," Knowles-Lawson told the magazine. Thus, I'm always the proud grandmother."

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