The Deleted MJ Scene in Spider-Man No Way Home Adds Even More Sadness to the Ending

The deleted sequence with Michael Jackson in Spider-Man: No Way Home heightens the sadness of their forgotten memories by hinting at the possibility of her playing a bigger part in Peter Parker's efforts to battle crime.

The movie's memory magic establishes a new reality for the supporting cast, leaving MJ and the others in the dark about Peter's real identity and their previous interactions with him.

In spite of their current split, the film leaves open the possibility that MJ and Ned may one day regain their memories and cross paths with Peter again in new adventures.

The deleted MJ scene in Spider-Man: No Way Home adds to the film's devastating climax. 

Marvel's loose take on the Mary Jane Watson character, played by Zendaya, may have made her final MCU cameo with Phase 4's Spider-Man: No Way Home.

If the last battle in the film is any indicator, MJ's role in Peter Parker's MCU tale is done.

Spider-Man: No Way Home appears to have set up fresh adventures by concluding a crucial three-movie chapter in the life of the wall-crawler. 

Tom Holland's character has interacted with a supporting cast that includes Ned, Flash Thompson, MJ, Aunt May, and Betty Brant in all three MCU Spider-Man films. However, according to Doctor Strange's memory spell, there will be a new status quo in the future, as none of these characters are aware of Peter's true identity or their previous ties with him. 

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