The Elon Musk catastrophic Cybertruck 

The value proposition of any other pickup or SUV is much the same in the details of the sales pitch for Tesla's new Cybertruck.

It is designed to be sturdy; the steel is heavy, tall, and sharply edged. At the truck's launch event last week, 

Elon Musk gave everyone the assurance that "you will win if you're ever in an argument with another car." 

Never mind that the vehicle looks to be able to break its rear axle and crush its front in a head-on collision at barely 35 mph. 

Its sales pitch, however, is different from the Cybertruck's because Musk has always stated that the vehicle is intended to be your go-to option in the event of the End of the World. 

At the event, he said, "Sometimes you get these late-civilization vibes." "The apocalypse could come along at any moment, 

and here at Tesla we have the finest in apocalypse technology."As many others have noted, 

that sounds a little absurd. When everything breaks down and the mall collapses, 

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