The following year, the University of Florida will offer a Taylor Swift class. 

WFLA / TAMPA, FLA — Do you feel "..Ready For It"? A brand-new course with Taylor Swift inspiration will launch at the University of Florida in 2024. 

Students will take a 13-week deep dive into the singer's discography in the course "Musical storytelling with Taylor Swift and other iconic female artists," 

according to the university website.By examining themes like “old flames, infidelity, aging, 

and double standards,” students will “draw parallels between Swift’s enchanting lyrics and works by other famous female masterminds such as Aretha Franklin, 

Billie Holiday, and Dolly Parton,” according to the course description.UF has joined an increasing number of American colleges and universities, 

such as Stanford University, New York University, and Berklee College of Music, that are offering classes influenced by the "Anti-Hero" singer. 

Graduate students at the University of Miami can study her approach to intellectual ,

property elsewhere in Florida as part of their entertainment law degree.

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