The Fundamentals: 'Wish' actress Ariana DeBose lists her top Disney films

That character who embodies everything that Ariana DeBose loves most about Disney is...

As part of the Mouse House's centennial celebration, the Disney animated musical "Wish" (now playing in theaters) features the endearing teen lead, Asha, voiced by the Oscar-winning "West Side Story" star.

In an attempt to aid her people, she defies the evil king of her home (played by Chris Pine) and makes a wish on a star, which materializes as Asha's sidekick in a magical sense.

"It's strange and amazing that a lot of Asha is based on me," remarks 32-year-old DeBose. "I adored Asha's sense of freedom and fearlessness. 

She genuinely can't wait to spend time with her loved ones. She actually gets excited about picking up new skills. That's very much who I am. Furthermore, I admit that I'm not very good at everything. So it's fun to be challenged."

Tony- and Emmy-nominated singer-actress, DeBose began her career in television on "So You Think You Can Dance."

She was a part of the original cast of Lin-Manuel Miranda's "Hamilton," and in 2022 she was included in the Time 100, an annual list that recognizes the most significant individuals of the year.

DeBose claims that after seeing "Tarzan" in 1999, "I really understood my emotions." "Because Glenn Close plays the mother gorilla in that movie, I also learned at that time that she has one of the most beautiful speaking voices. Very incredible."

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