The Greatest 'Outlander' Presents for Every Sassy Girl 

It's the holidays, and this year, the one thing we truly want—new Outlander episodes—won't be under our tree.  

However, new episodes will air in 2019! However, more Outlander episodes are a long way off. 

Claire from far, far away. (Dad joke about time travel). To help you get through the Droughtlander, 

we've compiled the greatest Outlander presents. For you and the Outlander enthusiasts in your life, 

we have compiled the greatest, weirdest, most bizarre gift ideas, ranging from whisky to kilts (yes, really!) to cookbooks, 

DVDs, blankets, and the original book series that started it all. Thus, Sassewhacks, 

dinna fash, which translates to "don't worry." Though I don't speak Gaelic well, 

I can understand those two words. These Outlander gifts won't time-travel by themselves, so go shopping now.

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