The Holiday Pie Your Zodiac Sign Tells You to Bake

Your next holiday gathering will be a huge success thanks to these delicious pie recipes.

Try making this alcoholic eggnog pie recipe to celebrate your love of the season—it's sure to wow your guests. This dish's velvety textures and sweet flavors are sure to please.

Aries: Eggnog Pie

This year, try putting a fun twist on an old favorite with an upgraded version of your Grandma's pumpkin pie recipe. 

Taurus: Pumpkin Pie

That is why these festive cranberry hand pies are ideal for you. These pies pack a flavorful punch thanks to a tart cranberry filling layered between flaky pie crust and topped with whipped cream.

Gemini: Cranberry Pie

Cancer patients prefer more traditional flavors, but if you're feeling creative this year, you can find a sweet twist on the classic pecan pie. 

Cancer: Pecan Pie

Candy Cane Pie is a delicious dessert with a light and airy filling, chocolate crust, and topped with crushed peppermint candies 

Leo: Candy Cane Pie

Your skill speaks for itself–and the holidays are the perfect time to remind everyone that you've got a few tricks up your sleeve. This custard-based pie has a distinctive sweet and creamy vanilla flavor with a texture unlike anything you've had before. 

Virgo: Sugar Cream Pie

If you're looking for a pie flavor that will hit the right notes with everyone, you can't go wrong with salted caramel pie.  

Libra: Salted Caramel Pie

Make a decadent German chocolate pie with rich chocolate, chopped pecans, and shredded coconut - a dessert with many hidden layers and surprises, just like you.

Scorpio: German Chocolate Pie

If you want to impress your guests this year, make this spiced gingerbread pie. Not only is it a welcome break from the usual pumpkin, it takes less than 10 minutes to pull together. 

Sagittarius: Gingerbread Cream Pie

A dessert that can be savored slowly, like a freshly baked Dutch apple pie, is perfect for you after the excitement has died down 

Capricorn: Dutch Apple Pie

The best recipe for you is a surprising twist on a traditional holiday pie. This recipe has all of the same delectable flavors as a traditional sweet potato pie, but with a vibrant purple color that will catch everyone's eye.

Aquarius: Purple Sweet Potato Pie

his year, why not make a sugar plum pie to make your dream world a reality? Made with fresh fruit and a crumble topping, this dessert makes any meal special.  

Pisces: Sugarplum Pie

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