The ideal antagonist has already been set up by Batman to finish Pattinson's Dark Knight Arc.

The Batman trilogy by Matt Reeves may have the ideal climactic antagonist that echoes Robert Pattinson's Dark Knight

Lock-Up, also known as Lyle Bolton, is a little-known antagonist whose story echoes that of Batman and illustrates the negative aspects of vigilante justice

Lock-Up's inclusion in The Batman 3 has the potential to reinvent Batman and tackle contemporary concerns like mental health

For the last part of DC's intended trilogy, Matt Reeves' Batman universe already has the ideal antagonist.

This Bruce Wayne is also a protagonist who treads a thin line between heroism and vigilantism

The Batman Part II should continue those ideas, but what of the trilogy ender? In the labyrinthine world of Gotham City

The Batman 3 could introduce an established DC villain whose origin offers the perfect dark mirror to Pattinson's take on Batman.

There is already enough set-up in Reeves' movie universe to suggest that Batman's greatest final villain

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