The long-lost Dutton brother was scheduled to appear in Yellowstone Season 6.

Yellowstone concludes with the fifth season's climax. Part 1 of the aforementioned series has already broadcast, and Part 2 is scheduled to debut in November 2024; filming is now underway.

However, in the meanwhile, actor Kevin Costner had a falling out with the show's producers. As a result, after Season 5, there will be no Season 6, marking the end of this incarnation of Yellowstone.

A recent interview with Christian artist Cory Asbury has given us some fresh insight into what those next installments were supposed to include.

Regarding his possible participation in Yellowstone Season 6, Cory Asbury told Taste of Country, "I was pumped up about it and was upset when it was cancelled." Really unfortunate.

In an Instagram Q&A, the singer-songwriter had hinted at the part when asked if he would ever consider starring in a film. He responded, "Got invited to participate in Season 6 of Yellowstone then they cancelled it," with several emojis of sad faces.

Asbury clarified his part while going live on Instagram, saying, "I was meant to be Kayce's long-lost brother." We planned to spend a whole year in Montana.

 We were prepared. After I had OK from Anna, Asbury's wife, our children said, "Okay, cool, we'll live in Montana."

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