The MCU audition shows Tom Hiddleston won't play Thor. 

Although Tom Hiddleston almost became Marvel's God of Thunder, we're glad he chose to play Loki in the MCU rather than Thor. 

It was simply too small.We adore Tom Hiddleston so much, and his performance as Loki in the MCU is priceless. 

But after watching his audition for the role of the God of Mischief's more valiant sibling, we believe we've found a limit to his acting abilities. 

After all, there is one.When Hiddleston first joined the MCU, a much smaller pool of A-list actors was in line to play the main characters. 

He did a screen test wearing a blonde wig for the lead role in The Avengers, 

and it's safe to say that they made the right choice in casting him as one of the greatest villains in Marvel history. 

Co-producer Craig Kyle said of the DVD extras for Thor: The Dark World, 

"At first, Tom was up for Thor." He was ripped when he arrived, 

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