The MCU made the darkest Avengers decision twice in six years. 

The MCU appears to have a new obsession, as it has twice in six years repeated a dark Avengers decision, with tragic consequences for innocent characters. 

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe expands, some storylines and bad decisions by its heroes are repeated, and it has now repeated a very dark Avengers decision twice in just six years. 

The MCU has seen some truly tragic events that have affected entire countries, planets, and civilizations over the course of more than 30 movies, and while these have mostly been the result of a villain's actions, 

this universe's heroes have also been involved and even contributed (often unintentionally) to the suffering of thousands of innocent people.The MCU's battles between heroes and villains frequently result in destruction, disaster, and the deaths of innocent people,

and the MCU's heroes rarely face the consequences of this or show up to help. Now, the MCU appears to have a new, dark obsession and trend, which has already been repeated twice in just six years (and across the Infinity Saga and the Multiverse Saga), 

and which is also challenging the idea of what a hero truly is, as well as the morality often associated with superheroes from any universe.Two of the current Avengers have made the difficult and sinister decision to let people die in order to save as many people as possible:

One of Thor's darkest decisions has been having to leave thousands of Asgardians behind, and the MCU repeated this with Captain Marvel in The Marvels. 

Surtur was released with the assistance of Loki (Tom Hiddleston), and Rägnarok was activated, destroying Asgard and killing Hela. Thor, Loki, and Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) did everything they could to save Asgardians, 

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