The "Michigan vs. Everybody" movement has Tom Brady joining it.

Wolverine legend Tom Brady, through his company Autograph, has launched a "Michigan vs. Everybody" silicone wristband to support student-athletes. 

The wristbands are exclusively available through Autograph's Rewarding Fans App and The M Den retail locations in Ann Arbor. 

Every wristband purchased via Autograph's app will result in a donation to the Michigan collective Champions Circle, directly benefiting student-athletes. 

Tom Brady shared a special code, "Brady," on his Instagram for fans to download the app and purchase the wristbands. 

The launch coincides with the highly anticipated matchup between No. 2 Ohio State and No. 3 Michigan. 

Autograph's Rewarding Fans App aims to provide supporters with the best Michigan football content and rewards for their passion. 

Brady narrated FOX's pregame video, adding to the excitement for the rivalry game. 

The "Michigan vs. Everybody" wristband is part of a broader merchandise line, and the Autograph App plans to expand to other fan communities in 2024. 

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