The most ordered meals delivered in the United States.

Ever pondered how your Uber Eats orders stack up against those of others? It's not just you.

There were several dishes from various cuisines that were the best when it came to choosing which takeout items to order. To learn about the most popular orders,

The beloved fried dish likely helped propel "burgers and sandwiches" to the second spot on the Most Popular Cuisine list, right behind "Mexican." 

French fries

This Thai favorite came in second, and was the only Thai dish that landed in the top 10. It's likely so popular, in part, because of its versatility. 

Pad Thai

Garlic butter slathered on carbohydrates is a winning combination, which is why this aromatic Indian bread took third place. Try serving some spicy chicken curry with extra naan if you ever find yourself with any.

Garlic naan

Perhaps the most general item on this list, this bubbly beverage was the fourth most ordered food or beverage  


Miso soup is not only tasty and comforting, but it also contains a lot of fermented foods, like miso paste, that are excellent for gut health.

Miso soup

This dish, which included avocado, cucumber, and crab, was the most popular sushi roll. Making sushi at home can be a bit of a challenge, but mastering salmon nigiri is much simpler.

California roll

For those unfamiliar with chicken tikka masala, the hearty meal is made with garam masala, cream, and tomatoes, among other ingredients.  

Chicken tikka masala

ushi" was the sixth most popular cuisine in 2021, so, it's no surprise that edamame, which is typically served alongside some sushi rolls, also earned a spot on this list. 


While "pizza" was deemed the fifth most popular cuisine this year, the Italian staple didn't manage to be crowned one of the most popular individual items. 

Mozzarella sticks

This tasty Japanese staple, which usually gets its spiciness from some strong mayonnaise, is the tenth most ordered dish. Customers who care about the environment will be happy to hear that one of the most sustainable seafood options is wild-caught tuna.

Spicy tuna roll

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