The new team is confident in defeating Heat as Damian Lillard trade talks heat up.

There haven't been many significant plot turns in the Damian Lillard trade saga up to this point.   

However, it appears that the Raptors are preparing to pose some opposition to the Heat, who are now the front-runner in the eyes of many.  

According to Sportsnet's Michael Grange, Toronto is "very much in the mix" for a potential Lillard deal and "progress has been made."  

But in addition to that, Grange notes that the Raptors are "fairly optimistic" that they can outpace the Heat in their chase of Lillard.  

The Raptors appear to be at least somewhat confident that they can move to the front of the line,  

past Lillard's preferred destination, the Miami Heat, and in front of a team like the Brooklyn Nets,  

who have the draft picks to make a deal if Portland is willing to take on the final two years of Ben Simmons' contract.  

According to insiders, the Orlando Magic may also raise their voices.It's also noteworthy that the Magic were unexpectedly included to that list along with the Heat and Nets. 

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