The newest Outlander star is Sophie Skelton. 

As expected from a ballerina trained at the Royal Academy, Sophie Skelton's signature long chestnut hair is styled in a tight bun and placed high atop her head. 

Even though she had an early call time for her first major fashion shoot, 

Skelton is unfazed and shows up in her hotel room after her dance session looking polished (she always travels with pointe shoes packed), 

wearing her adopted LA uniform of leggings, a plain T-shirt, and an understated cardigan. 

The 23-year-old native of the United Kingdom, who portrays the young, fierce, and resilient Brianna Randall Fraser in Outlander, 

the daughter of an 18th-century Scottish Highlander and a time-traveling English WWII nurse, 

recently returned from her first visit to Comic-Con, where adoring fans poured in to see her. Skelton, 

who grew up in the peaceful English countryside of Manchester, admits that she was first afraid but that she was happy to leave San Diego with a closer bond with her fans. 

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