The 'Outlander' Executive Producer Reveals Where She Wants Jamie and Claire to End Up

As the final season of Outlander approaches, viewers are left wondering what will happen to their favorite star-crossed lovers, Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe). 

Maril Davis, the show's executive producer, has officially offered her thoughts on Jamie and Claire's fate. The Outlander EP revealed her dream ending for the relationship,  

and it's brighter than you may anticipate.Outlander's seventh season has just reached its mid-season climax, leaving fans in yet another extended Droughtlander. 

And, with Hollywood currently on strike, it's unclear when the Outlander cast and crew will return to work. 

Fortunately, Davis provided some respite during the break. The executive producer discussed the future of the series' beloved protagonists, Jamie and Claire Fraser, 

with Radio Times.While some aspects of the Outlander universe remain unclear, Davis gave some personal views about how the novel can end. 

One such vision is to relocate the principal characters to a sunny paradise. "I keep saying I'd love to see them in Hawaii because I'd like to go there 

and see them sipping pia coladas on a beach somewhere." "All I want is peace," Davis stated.

Jamie and Claire soaking in the rays in a beautiful tropical setting stimulates the imagination.  

It also teases fans with the prospect of a possible spinoff centered on the couple living out their days in paradise.In addition to seeing Jamie and Claire in an island paradise,  

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