The Prince of Darkness discussed his health in 'Rolling Stone UK'.

Ozzy Osbourne, 74, reflects on surviving despite a history of addictions and overdoses, feeling lucky to be alive. 

In an interview with Rolling Stone UK, he acknowledges the deaths of past drinking partners and his own close calls. 

Despite not fearing death, Ozzy doesn't want a prolonged and painful existence, expressing openness to assisted suicide in certain situations. 

The rock legend mentions a recent spinal surgery due to a fall in 2019, revealing complications, including dislodged metal rods and the discovery of a tumor in a vertebra. 

Ozzy received Rolling Stone UK's first-ever Icon Award, recognizing his impact on the music industry. 

– Reflecting on his mortality, he questions why he's the "last man standing" among his peers who have passed away.

Ozzy mentions smoking a joint and jokes about his life expectancy, suggesting he has around ten years left, though it's unclear if this is a personal estimate or from medical advice. 

The singer details the challenges of his recent surgeries, expressing how the procedures have affected his physical well-being, including issues with balance. 

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