The request from Stevie Wonder to meet with Biden is not to be taken lightly.

This reporter's question about President Joe Biden's openness to meeting with activist and music icon Stevie Wonder during Monday's White House press briefing set off a firestorm this week regarding the Black agenda—or, as some critics contend, its lack thereof.  

Wonder, 73, expressed his displeasure with the legal and civil rights setbacks affecting Black communities and requested a meeting with the Biden-Harris administration to voice his concerns.

Wonder spent decades of his career working as a humanitarian and civil rights activist. Wonder wants to bring people together rather than divide them,

The front row of reporters in the White House press briefing room laughed as the question was put to Jean-Pierre, which some on social media criticized as being insensitive to Wonder's importance and the very real social and political risks facing Black Americans. 

Wonder is reported to have been following the real-time conversation during the White House press briefing.

Conservatives, who have denounced racial policies they consider to be too "woke" in recent years, responded particularly harshly and negatively on social media.

Stars have long collaborated with presidents on a range of policy matters, despite responses and critiques regarding Wonder's applicability to President Biden's work on the Black agenda. 

 When former President Donald Trump invited rapper Kanye West, reality TV star Kim Kardashian, rock singer Kid Rock, and former NFL player Jim Brown to the White House for Oval Office visits, there was no such outcry, at least not in the briefing room.

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