The Short Hair of Sadie Sink Is the Ideal Model for Your Upcoming Haircut 

Cutting your hair short after a long time is a big decision, regardless of your celebrity status. For a few,  

it occurs spontaneously. For others, it's a meticulous, protracted process. Actress Sadie Sink decided to immerse herself in character for a movie she was filming, 

as per her hairstylist Tommy Buckett, when he chopped her hair into a contemporary shag style last spring. 

"When we chopped more than ten inches off her hair, she didn't freak out at all," he claims. 

"It was a really enjoyable moment,"Here, we're paying tribute to ten of our favorite hairstyles that the gorgeous redhead has worn over the past year, 

drawing inspiration from the bold beauty.Sadie's phase of short hair began with this haircut. 

Together, she and Buckett came up with a distinctive hairstyle that, according to him, combines equal parts Winona Ryder's 1990s hair with a Mick Jagger shag from the 1970s. 

"This cut is very awesome," he continues. "I like that it doesn't require a lot of styling and works really well with her hair texture."

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