The top 10 bedroom colors for 2024

Color is one of the most important factors to consider when designing a bedroom that is both aesthetically pleasing and conducive to rest and relaxation. 

Your color palette has an impact on every aspect of design, from flooring to bedding and accessories.

Green is a traditional country bedroom color, associated with balance and harmony, as well as the revitalizing aspects of nature


A color that is always in style in the home. Greys are frequently paired with neutral companions, such as whites and creams. 


Despite being one of the most daring design choices, black bedrooms proved to be more popular than softer pink or navy.


Bedrooms with ristine white furnishings can appear straight out of a magazine and complement nearly any style of interior design.


The ultimate shapeshifter, blue comes in a cool spectrum that ranges from deep inky grey-blues that create moody and sophisticated design schemes to pale sky blues that go beautifully with crisp whites. 


Pink bedroom decor doesn't have to be overly sweet. Primary pink can look overwhelming on walls; on the other hand, mauve, deep berry, and chalky pink shades work best.


A warmer neutral than white or cream (which comes in 11th place,) beige can be a bit flat unless it is paired quite masterfully with some texture and pattern.  


Shades of blue appear three times in the top 10, with navy being the darkest and arguably most sophisticated.  


Compared to light blue or navy, teal has a little more warmth, and it works well in both more sumptuous design schemes and other deep jewel tones.


A sunny entry in 10th place, and a deceptively versatile one. Cooler variants of yellow with undertones of green look fresh and citrusy, whilst natural materials 


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