The Top 10 Diet Plans for 2023, Per Expert Opinion

Choosing the perfect diet may be an important part of achieving your wellness and health objectives, whether your focus is on weight reduction, heart health, or just a more balanced eating plan. Food is fuel, therefore it's critical to provide your body the nutrition it needs. But which diets are the best, given the vast array of options available? 

Mediterranean Diet – Fresh fruits and vegetable – Whole grains, nuts and legume – Fish – Extra virgin olive oil

DASH Diet – Grain – Meat, poultry, fish – Fruit and vegetable

Flexitarian Diet – Vegetable – Fruit – Legume – Whole grain – Dairy, egg – Occasional meat

WeightWatcher – Fresh fruit – Non-starchy vegetable – Lean protein

MIND Diet – Green leafy vegetable – Berrie – Whole grain

Vegetarian Diet – Vegetable – Fruit – Grain – Legume – Nuts and seed

Noom – Fruit – Vegetable – Whole grain

New Mayo Clinic Diet – Range of meal plans across different dietary preference – Includes Mediterranean and vegetarian meal plan option

Pescatarian – Fruit – Vegetable – Fish – Dairy – Egg

Ornish Diet – Fruit – Vegetable – Healthy fats (like fish oil and flaxseed oil) – Whole grain – Plant-based protein

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