The top 5 beginner-friendly exercises to burn belly fat

Bloat and a few extra kilogrammes on the scale are typical after the Diwali celebrations—the sweets and snacks. 

Target the belly fat

Planks are incredibly easy to perform and are great for working the obliques and core muscles.


The top five exercises for beginners to lose belly fat are therefore listed below.

A mild form of exercise, tai chi is supposed to increase flexibility, balance, and mindfulness.

Tai Chi

Walking is the easiest exercise activity to get started and is essentially cost-free. Frequent brisk walking has been associated with a number of health benefits, such as better mood, weight management, and cardiovascular health. 


Maintaining strong muscles is increasingly important for general health as we age. Exercises that increase bone density and prevent muscle loss include bodyweight exercises and weightlifting. 

Resistance exercise

Yoga is the ideal means of reviving your energy and delaying the signs of ageing. Yoga enhances flexibility, balance, and mental health by encouraging proper posture, breath control, and meditation. 


Exercise should be a part of your routine to accelerate weight loss, even though a well-balanced diet and calorie deficit are crucial for dropping those extra pounds. 

Increase the duration gradually as your strength increases. Planks lower the risk of back pain by strengthening the core and enhancing posture.

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