There’s going to be drama on the high seas when “Outlander” premieres.

Outlander’s premieres and finales have been memorable. But which ones have the highest IMDb ratings? Outlander has a distinct storyline, setting, and set of themes that drive the plot in each season. Season one was a love tale, season two was about the coming doom at Culloden, and season three was about Claire and Jamie’s reconciliation.  

Outlander’s narrative strength appears to be in the culmination of each season’s stories, but the debuts are frequently well-received as well. 

The authors were able to capture viewers right away with the plot and concept in the show’s first season opener. Set in 1945, viewers are introduced to Claire and Frank, who disclose that they haven’t seen each other in a long time. They decide to return to Scotland for a second honeymoon.  

While the episode may have leaned too heavily on voiceovers, it did had some redeeming features. Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan delivered outstanding performances, and the writers achieved an excellent combination of action and drama. (Premiere) America the Beautiful – 8.5 In the season 4 premiere, Jamie and Claire help Stephen Bonnet avoid execution in exchange for a favor.  

All the audience could talk about was the nasty and savage attack. Fans were unaware at the time, but Stephen Bonnet would go on to play a significant role in future episodes. The events of “Wentworth Prison” were immediately followed by the season 1 finale, in which Claire, Murtagh, Angus, Rupert, and Willie broke Jamie out of the prison. 

After Murtagh informed Claire that Jamie had been raped, the episode shifted its focus to Jamie’s attempts to understand what had occurred to him and the trauma he felt.  

Brianna and Roger’s wedding is beautiful, but it’s primarily due of what’s going on around it. This season will be filled with sadness, but this episode provides a reprieve. 

To give credit where credit is due, Roger is lot more lovable this season, thanks to the way his character is developing, beginning with this episode. It’s just a shame that this bliss couldn’t stay because Jamie broke Murtagh’s commitment to protect him. 

Fans were startled to learn in the season 2 premiere that Claire had returned to her own time and had departed without Jamie. Frank is pleased that his beloved wife has returned, and he hopes she can rediscover her love for him. 

While viewers were relieved that the episode did include a flashback to Jamie and Claire’s landing in France, one question remained unanswered. What horrifying occurrence causes Claire to leave Jamie’s side?  

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