These Chinese-Style Lacquered Screens Will Upgrade Your House and Give You the Feeling of More Room

Coco Chanel, a fashion icon, expressed immense joy upon discovering Coromandel screens, sparking renewed interest in these 17th-century Chinese lacquered panels. 

Today, designers are reviving lacquer techniques for a luxurious aesthetic without the complexity of traditional methods.  

Poliform’s Hima, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, offers a contemporary take on a room divider with ash-colored rope within a matte-brown-painted nickel frame. It provides separation with an airy yet opaque feel, suitable for various settings. 

Mark De La Vega's Olas screens feature stylized waves in eggshell mosaics, showcasing his fascination with Vietnamese art.  

Olivier Garcé and Clio Dimofski, founders of Garcé & Dimofski, blend cross-cultural influences in their designs. 

Porus Studio’s Seattral screen draws inspiration from Seattle’s Central Library, featuring sharp geometry, brown and gold finishes, and an architectural or decorative appeal.  

The Para-Vimento screen, a collaboration between furniture house De Castelli and jeweler Giampiero Bodino, showcases a patchwork mix of metals inspired by Milan’s Palazzo Litta.  

Garcé & Dimofski, based in Lisbon, merges French and Portuguese craftsmanship in their designs, exemplified by the Andrin screen.  

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