These Professional Wrestling Legends Are The Wealthiest Of All Time 

The first professional wrestler in modern history was Josef Smejkal way back in 1913 (or, at least, that was the first time the industry began recording wrestlers’ revenues). The first Golden Age in Wrestling began several decades later with a new emphasis on gimmicks and looks, in addition to new wrestling moves – all of which eventually built a billion-dollar industry. 

Career Started: 1992  Career Ended: 2011   Net Worth: $14 million* 


Career Started: 1974  Career Ended: 1993  Net Worth: $1 million* 

“The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase

Career Started: 2000 Career Ended: N/A Net Worth: $11 million* 

Randy Orton

Career Started: 1989 Career Ended: N/A  Net Worth: $8.5 million* 

Rey Mysterio, Jr.

Career Started: 1998  Career Ended:  2019  Net Worth: $25 million* 

Kurt Angle

Career Started: 1992  Career Ended:  N/A  Net Worth: $40 million* 

Triple H

Career Started: 1983  Career Ended: 2012  Net Worth: $18 million* 

Mick Foley

Career Started: 2002  Career Ended: N/A  Net Worth: $22 million* 

Brock Lesnar

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