This Baldur's Gate 3 pacifist run relies on speedrunning strategies, an OP D&D class trait, and a lot of RPG patience. 

It turns out that having no red in your ledger earns you a special voice line.A brilliant Baldur's Gate 3 player has completed the entire game without (directly) killing a single NPC, exemplifying the freedom provided by Larian's RPG.

Proxy Gate Tactician, a YouTuber, recently detailed how they got through an entire playthrough, barely dishing out any direct damage from the deck of the Nautiloid all the way to the Upper City of Baldur's Gate itself. 

They imposed rules such as not allowing the environment (fire, falling, etc.) to kill any NPCs or talking any bosses into shuffling off the mortal coil. They could, however, delegate dirty work to uncontrolled NPCs.

Their adventure began in the character creation screen, where they were given a very specific path to follow. 

Proxy created a Duergar Sorcerer, relying on their character's natural Charisma from the Baldur's Gate 3 class, as well as spells like Fog and Enhanced Leap. The latter would be quite useful, as it could be used to simply leap past early combat encounters when combined with a high Strength stat for extra jumping distance 

If that sounds familiar, it's because it's a staple of the speedrunning meta in Baldur's Gate 3, in which Gale simply jumps through the entire game. We'll get back to the Duergar bit in a moment.

Proxy survived the Nautiloid crash and then hired Gale as the least violent of the game's early companions. From there, they did everything they could to either talk their way out of trouble or avoid combat entirely, 

soaking up whatever XP was available outside of combat in order to reach level five. At that point, they unlocked the Duergar's racial trait, which allows them to turn invisible at will, 

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