This season, silver is the only metal mani you should consider.

Silver dominates this season's style, surpassing gold in popularity. Silver nails, boots, trousers, and jackets are everywhere, creating a pewter palette that's hard to miss. 

Silver takes the lead in fashion this season, with silver nails becoming a key accessory. From Isabel Marant to Ganni, silver has graced the catwalks and is now making its mark on nails. 

Silver nails are the perfect starting point to embrace this season's style shift. The trend, influenced by the likes of Beyonce's Renaissance tour, has made silver a go-to color for a bold and flexible accessory. 

London-based manicurist Metta Francis notes the widespread presence of silver, attributing it to the 'Beyonce effect.' She sees silver nails as the ultimate flexible accessory, echoing the trend seen on the catwalks. 

The foiled finish of silver nails is surprisingly versatile, suitable for all nail shapes and most skin tones. Holly Wolff, a nail technician, recommends almond, stiletto, or coffin shapes for a sleek and glamorous look with silver polish. 

Silver nails work well with both short and long nails, but some suggest it's especially striking on longer nails. The neutral metallic nature of silver makes it suitable for various skin tones. 

 Metta advises those with cooler undertones to steer clear of blue-based silvers, opting for warmer, richer tones. Silver is considered a 'neutral metallic,' making it compatible with both dark and fair skin.

This season's silver trend leans towards a foiled/metallic look rather than the usual glittery shades. Metta recommends Kure Bazaar’s Platinum, CND’s Silver Chrome, and Nail Kind’s Liv a Little for a more wearable chrome finish with a subtle shimmer. 

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