Three bold guesses for Thursday's game between the Cowboys and the Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks (6-5) are the next team the Dallas Cowboys (8-3) get to play on Thursday night.

Because of how important this game is to the NFC wild card race, it could be said that both teams almost have to win it.

Before the two teams play, here are three wild guesses about what will happen.

The Seahawks can't stop the run when they play good teams. 

Seattle's defense has the sixth-worst Rush EPA (-0.044) in the league as a whole, and they have had a hard time stopping the run in their last five games.

They have had the worst Rush EPA (0.072) and third-worst Rush SR (46.5%) in the NFL since Week 8.

Just barely, the Cowboys' running game has picked up a bit in the last three games. 

The Cowboys have had the fourth-best Rush EPA in the league since Week 10, at 0.076.

Running back Tony Pollard has averaged 4.8 yards per carry over his last 40 tries.

In their most recent game, the Cowboys ran for over 150 yards against the Seahawks.

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