Three ways that optical illusions can trick you

People have been captivated by optical illusions since the dawn of time.

 Information that doesn't seem to "fit" is occasionally sent from the eyes to the brain. It's an optical trick.

Optical illusions come in three varieties: cognitive, physiological, and literal.

This makes the term "literal optical illusion" a little misleading, as these are intentionally designed to be mentally confusing. 

Even though artists create these kinds of illusions, they are still fascinating.

Such illusions are the subject of entire museums and exhibitions; the Trick Eye Museum in Seoul, South Korea, for example, has over a hundred mind-bending pieces of art. 

Visitors get a 3-D view from floor to ceiling paintings, which give the impression that they are walking on water, over sheer cliffs, and more. 

The Trick Eye Museum is a novel idea for an exhibition area that combines entertainment and culture. 

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