TikTok Suggests Trying "Embo" Nails Right Away

Fun nail trends have been abundant this year, and it's safe to say that they've been everywhere. 

 There have been many unconventional styles, such as "junk" and "vagina" nails, in addition to simpler choices like "bubble bath" nails. 

On the other hand, be ready to make an exception for the newest TikTok craze, "embo" nails.

"Embo" describes the look as well as the kind of gel that's being used to create it (more on that later). 

In addition to more understated choices like "bubble bath" nails, there have been many unconventional looks like "vagina" and "junk" nails.

Now that the official autumn has arrived, you may usually welcome the chilly months by switching out your vividly coloured manicures for something more subdued.

Both the style of gel used to achieve the look and the trend itself are referred to as "Embo" (more on that later).

First things first: in order to achieve this look, you most likely need to visit a salon unless you are an expert in nail art. 

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