Tim McGraw's Number One Fan Is Faith Hill

Despite Tim McGraw's new album's slow ascent to the top of the charts, it has quickly become Faith Hill's favourite. 

Standing Room Only is McGraw's sixteenth solo album. Hill, who is married to him and often collaborates with him, turned to social media to express her admiration for the record.

With the caption "Still after all this time and so many albums," Hill posted on Instagram. You astonish me every time. 

You have truly mastered your craft. For all aspects. Muchas gracias! My darling. How proud we are of you.

The philanthropist and 1883 star has been busy promoting his new album in recent media appearances, but Hill is obviously his biggest fan and even has a favourite song on it. 

Standing Room Only features two songs, "Hey Whisky" and the title track, but according to McGraw, Hill has a different favourite on the album. 

He revealed to Entertainment Tonight that she has a preference for the song "Her," citing its greatness and the fact that it was written in honour of their long marriage as reasons.

It meant the world to her. She asks, "I thought this was all about me?" "Sure thing!" I respond. Sure thing! For McGraw, "you're the 'her'."

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