TIME TO DRIVE If you can spot the error in a mind-boggling road scene, you have an extremely high driving IQ.

Get ready for a challenge and try finding all of them in less than 30 seconds. 

Even the most seasoned puzzle solvers are stumped by this optical illusion.

Make sure you have plenty of gas before attempting this one, as it will be a bumpy ride!

If you can spot the error in the road scene, you have a higher driving IQ than most.

The image depicts a red car driving through the countryside on a beautiful clear day with not a cloud in sight.

But there is something wrong with the image, and it is your responsibility to wear it.

Have you found it yet? Here's a hint: scan each section of the image one at a time, looking for anything out of the ordinary.

Still no luck? Don't worry the answer is included below. 

Did you find the answer to the road scene brainteaser on the road sign?

The road markings on the "crossroads" sign do not correspond to the path ahead.

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