Tom Brady Reveals His Son's NFL Pro Role Model—Not Him

Although Tom Brady has announced his retirement from the National Football League (NFL),  

It appears that he won't be staying too far away from the sport. 

The former professional football player, who is now 46 years old, discussed his first year away from the sport and said that his son Benjamin,  

Who is 13 years old and whom he has with his ex-wife Gisele Bundchen, is getting ready to give the sport a go himself this year.  

Benjamin is the child the former athlete shares with Bundchen. 

As he was discussing this topic on the first episode of the third season of his SiriusXM show, Let's Go!  

Brady opened out on his new job as a football father in front of Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray, who were also present. 

He said, "Throwing the ball is always going to be one of my favorite things to do." Because my son is going to play football this year, Benny, 

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