Tom Brady's recent NFL honesty bodes well for his commentating career. 

When Tom Brady said recently that the current game is full of "mediocrity," 

it sparked a heated debate in the NFL.With the possible exception of some sly retaliation from fellow former quarterback Alex Smith, 

the seven-time Super Bowl champion is difficult to argue with. Brady's claim is supported by the Week 13 schedule, 

which only has three games between teams with winning records and plenty of bad quarterback play in New England and elsewhere. 

Even so, it's a positive development for the football conversation that Brady is making headlines with his commentary, 

even if you don't agree with him. The start of the league season without Brady playing for the first time since 1999 was strange enough, 

but it was even stranger to consider that he would be playing no official role ,

in the game as he began his first year of retirement, still a year away from joining the Fox broadcast booth.

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