Tom Cruise Has Strict Public Event Dress Rules 

Tom Cruise, sixty-one, still stuns people with his youthful appearance. It might have something to do with the adrenaline rush from performing all those risky stunts. 

Yet, this man previously claimed that his hectic work schedule prevents him from getting much sleep.

The Mission Impossible actor takes better care of himself than he would like to admit, that much is certain. 

Take a look at his hair, which is subject to severe regulations. Here are a few fascinating details about his greatest achievement. 

Nicole Kidman and her adopted children, Isabella and Connor, have reportedly been estranged for decades; 

this separation may have been influenced by Tom Cruise.In 2017, Cruise was instructed to "step away" from a hair ,

and makeup artist while he was promoting The Mummy on Australia's The Project. An employee of the show ,

"attempted to tame" one of the actor's unruly strands after his assistant objected, 

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