Tom Hanks opens up about ‘stupid’ moment in his acting career

On Friday's broadcast of The Graham Norton Show, Tom Hanks discussed the "most stupid" incident that has happened to him throughout his acting career.

Tom spoke about his experience filming the 1995 space epic Apollo 13 with Ron Howard throughout the episode.

During the filming of the most famous scene in the film, in which Hanks's character Lovell says, "Houston, we have a problem," the actor experienced an embarrassing setback.

During their recreation of the serious moment immediately following "Houston we have a problem," Tom informed Graham, "Kevin Bacon, Bill Paxton and I were going up and down on grips making us look weightless."

On that particular day, Tom let it slip that Lovell himself was paying a surprise visit to the actors and crew.

"When I looked down there was Jim looking up at us," Tom said, adding, "and we looked ridiculous."

"I have never felt more foolish in my entire life," the actor from Saving Private Ryan chimed in.

Tom, meanwhile, is hard at work marketing his project with David Hockney, The Moonwalkers.

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