"Too fatty for a movie theater": Ridley Scott teases the expanded version of "Napoleon" for Apple TV+ streaming.

When it comes to your posterior, Ridley Scott has you covered.

Napoleon, the historical epic directed by the Oscar-nominated Joaquin Phoenix and starring Vanessa Kirby as Napoleon's wife Josephine, is currently playing in theaters for a duration of two and a half hours. 

"Would be too fat for cinema," according to Scott, but he is also working on an extended edit that would have approximately an hour more of content and will be available for streaming on Apple TV+ next year.

He said the movie that's currently in theaters "is my judgment on what I call the 'bum ache factor.'" There comes a point in the performance when the audience thinks to themselves, 

"Jesus, is it really going to be an hour and a half until we have that Japanese dinner? I'm worn out. That is not what you want to occur.

Each scene ought to function as a component of the play's broader engine. The likelihood is that it shouldn't be there if it isn't.

The theatrical version omitted a few of Kirby's most beloved moments, including one in which Napoleon is attempted to be assassinated. Kirby remarks, "That was a really amazing day filming in her life."

A crucial scene that Scott claims is "absolutely" included in the expanded edit shows Josephine opting to chop off her hair while incarcerated during the Reign of Terror. She was caught shortly after her first husband, who was later killed.

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