Tourists in Yellowstone mistreat hormonal, irritable bison.

The man at Mammoth Springs nearly missed an accident after getting too close to an animal.

An inconsiderate visitor to Yellowstone National Park recently provided a great example of how not to behave near the park’s bison and just missed suffering catastrophic injuries as a result.  

Bill Bleecker recorded the event on camera, which you can watch here. He then posted it to the Instagram account TouronsOfYellowstone, which criticizes inappropriate behavior in US national parks.  

The bison appears to be trying to calm the guy in the footage, which was taken from the protection of a structure, as it paws the ground and shakes its head to shoo him away.  

Like many other wild animals, bison require a lot of space. The National Park Service (NPS) recommends at least 25 yards, or 23 meters, depending on the species.  

If you go too close, the animal may start acting differently, such as pawing the ground, tossing its head, snorting, lifting its tail, and making mock charges to frighten you off before it makes a true charge.  

This summer, after being gored by bison, two ladies sustained significant injuries at US National Parks within a week of one another.  

Giving them plenty of room and enjoying viewing them via the best binoculars or a telephoto lens from a safe distance is the best way to avoid coming into contact with an enraged animal.  

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