Travis Kelce Got His KFC on Thanksgiving — See His Order

Thanksgiving for Travis Kelce went exactly as planned. The Kansas City Chiefs player said he would "be feasting on KFC because I won't have anybody here" on the Nov.

 22 episode of New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, and he did just that.

An official from KFC verified to PEOPLE that the fast food restaurant chain arranged a Thanksgiving dinner for Kelce, 34, and his companions. 

Aric Jones, a friend of the NFL star, even shared a photo of the dinner on his Instagram account.

We now know what was inside the KFC boxes that Jones' picture of several of them on a burner revealed. The "TK Thanksgiving order" was made public by KFC on X and to PEOPLE. 

It came with 80 hot and spicy wings, three catering-sized mashed potatoes and gravy dishes, two mac and cheese plates, two orders of corn, and 56 pieces of KFC fried chicken.

"We have options for anyone in their KFC era this holiday season and beyond," says Nick Chavez, the company's chief marketing officer, in a statement to PEOPLE. "

Chiefly, we recommend our finger lickin' good 2 for $5 KFC Wraps for any solo celebrations ...on or off the field." Travis Kelce and his 36-year-old husband Jason would not be spending the holiday together, 

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