Trendy Nail Art Ideas to Try in 2024

Summertime and flowers go hand in hand. Additionally, this style is ideal for you if you like to enhance the natural length of your nails.

Nail Designs with Blossoms

A traditional trend that never goes out of style is the French manicure. Why not select an improved version with a small twist to emphasise this? Just apply your favourite neon or coloured nail polish

Pop Micro French Tips

 Hailey Bieber’s uber-trendy glossy manicure is now inspiring a glazed and dewy nail design. The glazed donut nails from last year are still the talk of the town, and they’re still popular this season.

Glazed Donut Nails

We’ve all heard of and seen belly button and ear piercings, but nail piercings, which are becoming quite popular this season, are new to the market.

Metallic nails and jewellery

Described in Pantone’s autumn/winter 2023–2024 trend forecast as an exhilarating “sexy and sensual” tint, flaming red is expected to be a popular fall colour.

According to session manicurist Ami Streets, “it’s going to be the ‘it’ hue of the season,” and “it’s so easy to adapt this colour into a fashion-forward manicure design by combining it into a beautiful French tip.”

Ami recommends Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in Pirate, $32, to recreate the look at home. Ami adds, “It’s a rich, traditional colour that will fit everyone.” See Instagram user Alexandra Teleki, also known as The Hot Blend, as an influence.

Autumn nail art is starting to adopt the viral latte cosmetics trend from this summer, with coffee-inspired hues predicted to be among the most popular French tip colours of the year.

The creator and creative director of Townhouse, Juanita Huber-Millet, says to “think warm, rich browns and colours suggestive of warm lattes or fall foliage.”

“It’s a really adaptable colour choice since they work well for both day and night appearances and match the cosy sentiments of the season.” 

9 Nail trends that are set to dominate in 2024